Family Owned

Welcome to Beyer Kia, the almost-youngest child of our 40-year-old family business!

          Don and Nancy Beyer bought a small, struggling Volvo dealership in Falls Church on November 1, 1973, in the depth of the first Arab Oil Embargo.  Over these many decades, family members have come (and come and come), and we have slowly added locations and franchises.

          During the Great Recession of 2008-2009, when more than 2,000 US auto dealers went out of business, we were extremely fortunate to be awarded the Kia franchise in Alexandria. 

Surprise!  The Kia product is a delight to represent!  The best warranty in the industry, beautiful styling, Five-Star safety ratings, low maintenance needs and costs - and all this for thousands of dollars less than a new Toyota or Honda.

We are driven by our values in all that we do:

Integrity - our first rule is always just to do what it right.

Community - we must be an integral part of the society in which we live.  We take responsibility to lead and to serve, from Meals on Wheels, to the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, to Virginia's largest high school dropout prevention program.  The people of Beyer Kia must act -if we do not, then who will?

World-class service - we are always on the path to educate every one of our technicians, parts folks, sales guides, advisors, and more to be Master Certified by Kia USA.    We want to give you the most excellent, conscientious, kind, and friendly service possible.  We are not perfect, but we will never stop trying.

Family -- this really is a family business.   MikeBeyer, Weetie Beyer Hill, and Don Beyer Jr. lead the Second generation, fast giving way to Jon Holl, John Altman, Jordy Coho, Stephanie Beyer Kirby, Jared Beyer and Emma Beyer in the Third.  We actually do not believe in nepotism, but we seize talent where we can find it.    The best part is our family shares and lives our values, in many different roles.

Selling Kias is very competitive.  There are many Kia dealers in the Washington metropolitan area, and all sell the same excellent Kia cars.  We know Beyer Kia has to be different and better to earn your business.

We try to be different in three major ways:

#1  Our Kia sales guides and our management team, are committed Kia professionals - for the long run.  They know Kia inside and out, and want to help fill your Kia needs for years to come.

#2  We try to keep the largest Kia inventory in the MidAtlantic - typically more than 275 new Kias!  We are determined to have the model and the color and the options you want.

#3  Our business philosophy includes Zero Defections - imagine our growth if we never lost a customer!   So we will do your Virginia Safety and Emissions inspections, for free, as long as you own your Kia. We will do these same inspections for other cars you may own.

Please come see us!  We invite you to become part of our Beyer Kia family.  We hope to surprise you for years to come.

Mike and Don Beyer


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