Keep your fuel tank topped off in the winter and have peace of mind

When winter hits, most people are concerned about having snow tires on their vehicle, winter wiper blades, and an emergency kit filled with essentials should they need them, but these individuals may not be aware that one of the most overlooked practices that they should start implementing is to keep their gas tanks filled up in the winter months.

The weight of a full gas tank will allow a vehicle to gain better traction on icy and snowy roads by pressing down harder on the tires. This may increase maneuverability and road handling. It also is nice to not have to get out and pump gas as frequently in the bitter cold. We at Beyer Kia Alexandria want to educate as many of our Alexandria customers as possible as to why it is important to have a full tank of gas in the wintertime so that you can be better prepared for whatever the winter wants to throw at you.
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