Three Reasons to Service at the Dealership

At Beyer Kia Alexandria, we feel that you should service your vehicle with us. With this in mind, we want to give you three good reasons why you really should. First, we have people in our employ who know your Kia vehicle inside and out. Our high-quality service center professionals know everything there is to know about your vehicle. Will the shop down the street? We don't know but, it's doubtful. That's is our second reason, someone who isn't qualified to repair your vehicle may cause your car or SUV damage down the line at some point, and we don't want that to happen. It's avoidable by using a professional who is highly-trained by the manufacturer.

The third reason to service at the dealership is because at Beyer Kia Alexandria, we use the right parts on your vehicle. We won't substitute a lesser quality part and risk damage to your vehicle. We want to make sure that your vehicle has the OEM parts that are the correct fit for your make and model. As you can see, servicing at the dealership has many benefits. Contact us to schedule service!

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