Learning More About Your Car's Fluids

If your car, truck, or SUV didn’t have motor oil, coolant, or any of the many fluids that maintain its regular operation, you wouldn’t be able to drive it, or at least not very far.

Regular vehicular fluid maintenance and replacement is important, so look out for these fluids on a regular basis.

Power steering fluid is found under the hood of your vehicle, typically nearest the driver’s side. It doesn’t have to be replaced as frequently as oil, but usually requires a full-fledged flushing out when it does.

Transmission fluid keeps everything related to changing gears lubricated as normal. Change it every several years. However, when you check it each month, replace it immediately if it smells burnt.

Radiator fluid also referred to as coolant, helps keep the engine and related processes of your vehicle cool. Never check it when your vehicle is running, although you should keep it topped off.

Get help with the fluids your vehicle contains with Beyer Kia Alexandria on your side. Call to get your car to our dealership as soon as possible.

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