What Should Go in Your Roadside Emergency Kit?


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Have you ever had your car break down on the side of the road? It's largely inconvenient, but it's also potentially unsafe.

That's why we think it's wise to keep a roadside emergency kit in your car. It can help you weather the ordeal by helping you make quick fixes or safely wait for help to arrive and get you out of a sticky situation.

These are a few key components:

  • Reflective warning triangles: These will help oncoming traffic know to give you space. Keep at least three of them and set them up 50 feet apart.
  • Multipurpose tool: A tool like a Swiss Army Knife is a good thing to keep handy.
  • Flashlight: Pick up one of the waterproof variety and keep some extra batteries with you.
  • Duct tape: Ten feet of this should always be on-hand.
  • Jumper cables: These should be at least ten feet long with eight-gauge rubber coating.

If you're preparing for a long road trip, don't hesitate to contact our service center in Alexandria, VA for a full vehicle checkup before you go!

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