What is it Like to Drive the Kia Soul ! Turbo?

The Kia Soul !, which Jalopnik refers to as the Kia Soul Turbo (probably to make punctuating sentences around it easier), is the performance-based trim level of the affordable subcompact crossover. Due to its small size, and its striking red accent colors, it's easy to want to compare the Soul ! to a hot hatchback.

That's just what Jalopnik's Andrew Collins did.

His favorite feature is the seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, which he compared to hardware you might find on a Porsche. "Practically speaking, the benefit is faster shifting. The shifts are really quick, man."

Compared with a hatchback, the Soul ! offers a higher seating position with great visibility, and a roomy cabin. Even with a turbocharged 201-horsepower engine, however, the crossover isn't as fast as something like a Focus RS. Still, for its economy pricing, it delivers both practicality and fun.

Could a sporty Soul ! be the car for you? Test drive one at Beyer Kia.

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